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Fritz Chess 14 for Windows

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  • Version: 2016

The comprehensive chess game

Fritz Chess 14 is a great chess simulation game which has a huge database of previously played matches to draw upon making it ideal for beginners and grandmasters alike.

The intelligent chess platform

In black and white terms, Fritz Chess 14 is the king and queen of board game simulations. It is built with an incredible amount of chess knowledge which allows players to pit themselves against an artificial intelligence which is like playing a real human mind. The programme's coach option is especially useful in this regards because it does a superb job of explaining why it is making certain suggestions. Fritz Chess 14 forecasts upcoming optimal moves and strategies, too. The graphical interface is excellent with superbly drawn backgrounds and sumptuous piece design. However, most players won't worry about such niceties and enjoy it because it is so good at providing a good game of chess. Remember that you can adjust the computer's playing strength to match your own skills and even have move explanation and game analysis turned as you go to help you improve your own tactical decision making. There are 1.5 million games in its database.

A real check mate?

Use Fritz Chess 14 as a virtual chess friend or take your game online at and enjoy matches with real people. It is entirely up to each player's preference.


  • Six European languages supported
  • Single and multi-player modes


  • Some script faults in training mode
  • AI has some trouble ending games

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Fritz Chess 14


Fritz Chess 14 2016 for PC

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